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How it works

How It Works

Telescope Buying & Selling, Simplified

What if buying and selling second-hand telescope equipment was less stressful, less risky, and more fun? Imagine if there was a built-in escrow process that protected buyers and sellers. And, communication between parties was straightforward and simple.

We think it's time for a change in how people buy and sell astronomy and astrophotography gear. We built from the ground up on the newest technology, and our escrow process ensures sellers get paid and buyers get their goods.

We're making it safer, easier, and more affordable for people to get involved with astronomy. But, don't take our word for it! Try it for yourself and see!

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Got a telescope to sell?
List your second-hand telescope or accessories for sale.

Looking to buy a telescope?
Find your perfect astronomy equipment for any occasion.

How It Works for Sellers

Click the "Add new listing" button to list your used telescope, accessories, and more! When your equipment sells, coordinate delivery with buyer via shipping or local pickup. Get paid once the buyer receives the item – you'll make 94% of the sale price.

Getting Started for Sellers:

1. Create an account and complete your profile.

2. Connect your bank account, so you can get paid!

3. List your telescope equipment or accessories.

4. Buyer pays for your item securely with credit card.

5. Get notified, accept offer within 3 days, arrange shipping or pickup.

6. Leave feedback for the buyer after the transaction.

For sellers using our easy online payment option: As a seller, you agree to send a valid tracking or delivery confirmation number to the buyer, or arrange pickup of sold item within 5 days. Once the transaction is marked "completed" by the buyer, the sale is final and funds will be transferred to seller's bank via ACH.

Telescope Owners: List and Sell Your Telescopes.

Put your surplus telescopes, astronomy gear, or other offerings up for sale. Our community of telescope owners can earn money from selling used telescope equipment and accessories.

Why sell used telescopes?
Help others get involved with amateur astronomy by selling your telescope or telescope gear.

How it works
Someone requests to buy your item, you accept or decline the offer within 3 days, they pay you securely online via credit card, they pick up the item locally, or you ship it.

3 reasons to use us
(1) It's free to list ads, (2) There's no hidden fees, and (3) Our built-in transaction flow between buyer and seller ensures trust between parties.

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How It Works for Buyers

Search brands like Mead, Celestron, Explore Scientific, Orion, Sky-Watcher, and more. Find a deal on used telescopes or telescope accessories, click "Buy It Now" to pay. Pick it up, or seller ships it and sends tracking number – we earn a 3% buyer commission.

Getting Started for Buyers:

1. Create an account and complete your profile.

2. Search for used telescopes or accessories.

3. Contact sellers via private or public messaging.

4. Pay with credit card and receive a confirmation.

5. Seller accepts your offer within 3 days; get tracking number or pick up item.

6. Leave feedback for the seller after the transaction.

For buyers using the "Buy it now" payment option: As a buyer, you must mark the transaction "completed" after the item is safely delivered – not before! Once the transaction is completed, sale is final and funds will be transferred to seller.

Telescope Buyers: Find Your Perfect Telescope.

No matter where you are or what telescope, find a good used telescope with a few clicks.

Why buy used telescopes?
Find telescopes of all shapes or sizes, and for every skill level, for much less than buying new.

How it works
Once you find the best telescope or accessory, request to buy and pay safely with credit card.

3 reasons to use us
(1) Easily find telescopes for sale, (2) Communicate directly with owners, and (3) Secure transactions handled by Stripe.

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

Added Value

There's NO fee to post, NO 3rd-party advertising and NO recurring membership fees on TelescopeTrader. Our community marketplace provides added value by offering a safe hub to make secure transactions for used astronomy equipment. Our built-in escrow feature is available for transactions that take place on our platform, and lets buyers and sellers feel safer.

Promotion Included

We promote every listing via email marketing and social media campaigns – so more people see your ad! Your listing will be added to our weekly newsletter, sent out to our member community, and shared on our Facebook page to engage potential buyers.

Worry-free Transactions

Our secure payment platform includes seamless payment processing and built-in escrow service. Our process ensures that sellers deliver what was purchased; sellers receive payment only after an item has been received. After every transaction, buyers and sellers are asked to exchange feedback on the experience – this builds reputation and trust!


Basic ads without online payment option are 100% free! For ads with online payment option, we earn a 9% flat-fee commission on each final sale (3% buyer fee + 6% seller fee) with a minimum commission of 0.75 per transaction. This includes any shipping cost and credit card fees. Therefore, sellers should earn about 94% of the final sale price. Sellers should take these costs into consideration when setting the listing price. You can select ad listing type when adding a new listing.

TelescopeTrader's commission and payment processing fees are subject to change at any time – with or without notice – however, we will make every effort to communicate any changes to our fee structure with our members.

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