Celestron C-8 Deluxe Schmidt Cassegrain

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Celestron C-8 Deluxe Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and accessories are in pristine condition!
In general, I recommend anyone seriously interested in astronomy acquire nothing less than an 8 inch aperture in a mirror telescope design anything else will be a waste of money. The C-8 provides a great value for astronomy. With more than 635 times the effective light gathering power of the human eye (to observe the faint deep sky objects), and with the clear magnification capability that is particularly desirable for views of the changing major features of the larger planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in particular).
The Celestar 8 Deluxe is sophisticated yet it does remain simple and fun to use. Set up is very quick 10 minutes tops, leaving you time to enjoy yourself and you're observing.
The Celestar 8 Deluxe telescope employs a precise "clock drive" tracking system. When properly set up, this mechanism will compensate for the apparent motion of celestial objects across the sky as the Earth rotates. Such a drive system allows you to find and object and precisely center it and keep the object in an eyepiece, where it will remain there permitting you and your friends or family to enjoy the views completely free of any distractions.
A Declination Control Motor and Hand Control are furnished. The Hand Control allows fast and slow manual tracking speed and operation
The power-efficient Celestar 8 Deluxe telescope runs off two 9V alkaline batteries so the operation is totally cordless and independent of local power world wide. The Right Ascension drive motor is reversible and so it can operate in either Northern or Southern hemispheres. AC current or 12V operation of the Celestrar 8 Deluxe is possible with the included power adapter cables.
Standard accessories of the Celestar 8 Deluxe telescope include: a 9 x 50 Achromatic Finder scope (straight through view), 90 degree Prism Star Diagonal 1-1/4", Visual Back 1-1/4" and a 26mm Plossl Eyepiece 1-1/4" (78x), Declination Motor, Hand Control, AC Adapter (115 v. AC), car battery Adapter (12 v DC), Wedge, Tripod (32" high to the platform, about 39" to the center of the tilt plate).

Now for the extras, I have spent more on extras then the cost of my telescope. I have a solar shield to look at the sun (very cool ) I have full collection of top of the line eyepieces( Speers Waler and Celestron Ultima eyepieces). A dew shield, telescope cover, adapters for photography, many astronomy books, a field case that holds all eyepieces, a night vision red light flashlight, and a 2x converter lenses. Yes I went crazy buying everything for this scope. As you can see I was really into this hobby and calculated spending well over $4000.00. I hope my scope will find someone who is as passionate about the stars and planets as I am. This is a complete setup with a ton of high quality extras. I will not sell items separately and will any reasonable offer.