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Celestron Celestar 8 Deluxe Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

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The Celestar 8 Deluxe Schmidt-Cassegrain a sophisticated 8" SCT, is well suited to astrophotography and CCD imaging.

Excellent Condition, other than inability to do "Fast Slew" in RA.


- Deluxe Latitude Adjustment System (An Extra)
- Lens Shade / Dew Shield (An Extra)
- 9 x 50 Achromatic Finder scope (straight through view),
- 90 degree Prism Star Diagonal 1-1/4",
- Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow Lense SV Series
- Visual Back 1-1/4"
- 25mm SMA Wide Angle Eyepiece 1-1/4" (75x),
- Mead Series 4000 Neutral Density ND96 (.9) (An Extra)
- Pro Optic Filters (Indigo and Green),
- Declination Motor,
- Hand Control,
- AC Adapter (115 v. AC),
- Car battery Adapter (12 v DC),
- Wedge,
- Tripod (32" high to the platform, about 39" to the center of the tilt plate).
- Starlight Red LED Flashlight, (An Extra),
- Orion Deepmap 600 Giant Waterproof, No-Rip Folding Star Map (An Extra)
- This is NOT a goto telescope, but an accessory can be added.

The Celestar 8 Deluxe features the same quality of view as its other Celestron cousins, with a more rigid and adjustable height field tripod and equatorial wedge mount and an advanced electronic drive corrector.

The telescope fork mount can also be attached to the field tripod directly, thereby using it as an "Altitude-Azimuth" mount; this renders the Celestar 8 Deluxe a choice for those who wish to employ the telescope for applications such as an ultra telephoto or video lens, or as a terrestrial telescope for long distance observing of birds.

The Celestar 8 Deluxe telescope employs a precise "clock drive" tracking system. When properly set up, this mechanism compensates for the apparent motion of celestial objects across the sky as the Earth rotates. Such a drive system allows you to find and object and precisely center it; there are manual fine motion controls on the fork mount. Find and maintain the object in an eyepiece, where it will remain there permitting you and your friends or family to enjoy the views completely free of any distractions. Furthermore, the setting circles provided on the fork mount allow one to find their way across the sky to find the faint otherwise difficult to find objects using the two dimensional coordinate system employed by professional and amateur astronomers. We highly encourage tracking mounts as this for use by those with young children, or especially if sharing a telescope for astronomy with others. Such a tracking drive system equipped as this is a necessity for astrophotography of most celestial objects.

The electromechanical system incorporates a more rigid fork mount than the Celestar 8 telescope, with a precise worm gear drive system. The electronics control system includes a totally cordless stepper motor drive system with PEC (Periodic Error Correction), an easy recording cycle, four tracking rates including: King, Sidereal, Lunar and Solar, fine correction speed of 0.5X and a slewing speed of 8X sidereal rate. A Declination Control Motor, and Hand Control are furnished. The Hand Control allows fast and slow manual override of the R.A. tracking speed and operation of the optional Declination motor thereby facilitating time exposure astrophotography, and compensating for any errors of Polar Alignment or periodic worm drive errors. The electronic drive corrector is compatible with autoguide CCD systems.

The power-efficient Celestar 8 Deluxe telescope runs off two 9V alkaline batteries so the operation is totally cordless and independent of local power world wide. AC current or 12V operation of the Celestrar 8 Deluxe is possible with the included power adapter cables.

Deluxe Latitude Adjuster...
Raise and lower the tilt plate of the C8 wedge (#93656) with fine precision, using Celestron’s Deluxe Latitude Adjuster. Used during the polar alignment process, this adjuster is a real time saver. Especially convenient if you observe from a variety of different sites, which necessitates readjusting your polar alignment for each location.
The Deluxe Latitude Adjuster consists primarily of a heavy-duty latitude adjustment bar with a large central adjustment knob. Also included are bolts with oversized knobs for attaching the telescope to the wedge, and for locking the tilt plate to the side of the wedge.

Celestron C-8 Optical Tube Assembly Specifications:
Design Schmidt-Cassegrain Catadioptric
Effective Aperture 8 inches, 203.2mm
Nominal Focal Length 80.6 inches, 2048mm
Nominal Focal Ratio f10
Primary Mirror 8.25" Diameter, f1.9, Radius 32", Spherical of fine annealed Pyrex®
Secondary Mirror 2.25" Diameter, Radius 9.7, Spherical (final hand figuring yields a slight asphere) of fine annealed Pyrex®
Mirror Coatings Celestron "Starbright®": 5 step multilayer
Corrector Lens 8" Aperture, 0.190" thick, optical quality crown glass, true aspheric Schmidt curve each side, Mgf2 AR coatings each side
Central Obstruction 2.75"
Highest Useful Magnification Approx. 480x with eyepiece or "negative" lens/Eyepiece combination
Lowest Typical Magnification 37x (1.34 degrees) with 2" 55mm Plossl (5.46mm Exit Pupil), or 32X (1.33 degrees) with 1.25" 40mm Plossl with f6.3 Reducer/Corrector (6.30mm Exit Pupil)
Resolution, Visual Rayleigh Criterion: 0.68 arc seconds, Dawes Limit: 0.57 arc seconds
Resolution, Film 182 lines per mm
Image Scale (CCD or Film) 100 arc seconds per mm, 64 arc seconds per mm
Light Gathering Power 843X Theoretical, Approx. 634X Actual (over human eye with 7mm entrance pupil)
Back Focus 18 + or - 5 inches
Optimum Back Focus Approx. 4 inches; with f6.3 Reducer/Corrector 4" from rear of Reducer
Near Focus Approx. 25' (Camera or Visual)
Optical Tube Dimension Length 16", Diameter 9", Front Cell Diameter 9-1/8"
Optimum Back Focus Approx. 4 inches; with f6.3 Reducer/Corrector 4" from rear of Reducer

*The telescope can accommodate a variety of Telecompressor lenses to vary the effective focal length and f ratio.