Gen II and OS Collimation Masks

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I have GEN II collimation masks done and ready to ship. We have them in our Standard size, and we NOW have our OS masks in stock as well!
The Standard mask (1 & 4 pix shown on an ST80) we have used on sizes from 80mm and up to the large Meade 152ED and Celestron 150 refractors however it can be used for 60mm up to 174mm. This covers a large range of the most popular size refractors. Smallest size would be a cell that measures 59mm (2.322”) and the Largest size cell it can be used on is 174mm (6.850”) in diameter.
It comes with 1 set of 4 adjustable thumbscrews, assembly and user instructions.
Price is $35.00 with 1st class USPS shipping.

The GEN II larger version (VERY LIMITED) NOW IN STOCK will accommodate a lens cell that measures 8-7/8” in diameter (225.42mm). The Smallest size would be a cell that measures 59mm (2.322’) and the Largest size cell it can be used on is 225.42mm (8-7/8”) in diameter.
We have tried hard to keep pricing as low as possible, howevever, for the Larger version we use a bit thicker material for added strength. Because of that and the larger diameter size we have to charge a bit more not only because of material cost but shipping costs as well.

The price for the larger version is $54.00 this includes 1st class shipping.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, its a clear acrylic mask that has been laser engraved basically with a target and held in place by 3-4 adjustable thumbscrew/locating studs that you put over your objective lens cell and make your focuser and collimation adjustments. (This takes the place of making a traditional paper template and taping it to the front of the lens cell). Any questions let me know.

By a multitude of requests, I have a short YouTube video that was put together for a very general idea on how these are used. It can be viewed at the link below.

Thanks for looking!