Meade Telescope 10" Lightbridge Dobsonian

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Meade 10" Lightbridge
Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

D=254mm F=1270mm f/5

Unit breaks down into 4 major components for compact/easy storage and transportation
1. Secondary Mirror Tube
2. Primary Mirror Tube
3. Truss
4. Base

In addition to the basic telescope, the following mods and parts are included:

1. "Bob's Knobs" (superior replacement for the OEM knobs used to adjust the primary and secondary mirrors without tools)

2. Moonlight Focuser (superior 2" machined ball bearing focuser with 1.25" adapter) (and the original Meade focuser and hardware which was removed for it's installation)

3. Celestron 9x50 Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope (#93781). Includes an illuminated reticle

4. The OEM reflex dot sight for coarse aiming of the telescope

5. 2" Eyepieces/Accessories(all multi-coated)
- 32mm
- 15mm Ultrawide 80° 15mm (Knight Owl)
- 50mm Super View (Knight Owl)
- 2x ED Barlow (w/1.25" adapter) (Knight Owl)
- Filters (4ea) (Orion):
(#80A Medium Blue, Moon (13% T), Sky Glow, #25 Red)

6. 1.25" Eyepieces/Accessories (all multi-coated)
- 26mm Super Plössl (Meade)
- 32mm Plössl (Zhumell)
- 9.6mm Super Wide Angle (Zhumell)
- Filters:
ND 96(0.9) (Meade)
UHC/LPR (Celestron #94123)

7. Meade Manual

8. Sky & Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas

9. Miller Planisphere

10. Black Truss Shroud (keep out stray lights while observing)

11. Custom CNC machined counterweight assembly(easily removed, if needed, designed without the need to modify the original tube assembly) Offset's the extra weight of the Moonlight Focuser and RACI finderscope (balances the tube, point it and it stays there)

12. miscellaneous other items for it's use, original Primary Mirror Cover, power connection for the mirror cooling fan and a carrying case for the accessories

The fine print for everyone's benefit: (PLEASE READ)

- If you have any other questions, please ask!
- All prices are cash only. Please bring the exact amount
- All items are where-is, as-is. Please feel free to inspect to your hearts desire.
- I do not deliver.
- I am not looking for anything in trade
- I am available almost anytime of day. mid day to evenings are best. Other times can be arranged.