Mint Celestron Nextar Evolution 8" SCT Telescope + Accessories

Price: 1650
Condition: Used
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Posted on: less than 6 months ago
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I'm selling my recently purchased telescope. It's in MINT condition. You can even see in the pictures that the plastic wrap is still on the controller, imaging screen and side of the telescope.

Please Note: If you are NOT familiar with telescopes, this is a PERFECT beginner scope. It has auto-guiding. That means, you align it using 2-3 stars and then use the app to tell it what star, cluster, nebula, galaxy, etc. you want to look at - and it goes there! The earth rotates, and so does the telescope. It moves WITH the rotation of the earth so you don't have to keep moving the scope to keep what you're looking at inside the field of view.

It includes:
-All original boxes
-Celestron Evolution 8" SCT telescope
-All accessories that come with the above telescope (basic eyepiece, altazimuth mount, controller, etc)

-Revolution Imager R2. This is an electronic imaging piece of equipment. It comes with a LED screen, digital camera, controller, etc. You can plug this camera into your computer and image your favorite planet, nebula, etc.

-Bahtinov mask. This is a tool used to get perfect focus.

-Red flashlight

-Eyepiece kit (see pictures)