Roll Off Cabana Astronomical Observatory

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Posted on: less than 5 months ago
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This is a roll off observatory designed and built by an engineer who lived in a restrictive HOA in NE Tucson. Since he was not allowed to build a dome or roll off roof building, he designed and constructed this rolling model. We've used it for three years and it did a great job of protecting our 11 inch telescope. It was our first observatory, ever. We've replaced it with a dome. It comes with extra light blockers. Opens as wide as needed, up to 7 feet. Handles on all four corners for easy maneuvering. You can sit inside of it to block ambient light. Or you can just roll it off and begin viewing. It's been disassembled for transport. After disassembly, each part was washed and dried. All hardware is bagged up. I'll transport the observatory to your home and help you assemble it (within 50 miles of Tucson). Or, you can go by the photos supplied with the unit. It's not brain surgery and can be built in an hour. The wheels all have locking brakes. A brand new cabaña roof comes with the observatory and any outdoor umbrella will suffice for future applications. The old top lasted the original owner for many years, and it has lasted for three years for us. It still works well, but will not look as good as the new one. Comes with an additional light blocking panel for severe light pollution from neighbors. A new roll of insulation will be thrown in for full price, but the old insulation still works very well. If you live in a restrictive HOA, or if you just want an inexpensive observatory, this unit is the one for you. Observatory blocks the wind and cold as well as light. Would serve particularly well as an in city backyard observatory.