Teeter's Telescopes 15" F5 Zambuto Classic Truss Dobsonian

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Beautiful 15" F5 portable Teeter's Telescope with wheelbarrow handles and wheels. Easy to assemble and disassemble for loading into your vehicle. Easily fits into my Subaru Forester for example. Please visit the Teeter’s Telescopes web page and YouTube videos for more info on how easy transport is with these scopes. This scope, number TT145, in perfect working order and condition, is totally upgraded with the following:

-Zambuto 15" F5 Primary Mirror
-Anteres Optics 1/30 P-V Secondary Mirror
-A Primary Mirror Cooling Fan
-A Secondary Mirror and Filter Dew Heater
-Servo-Cat Go-To/Track System
-Glatter Cable Sling Primary Mirror Support (better calibration stability and easier calibration)
-Black Powder-Coated Aluminum Altitude Bearings
-Light Shroud
-AstroCrumb Filter Slide for 2" Filters
-Telrad Finder
-StellarVue Optical Finderscope, with Red Reticle Iluminator
-Argo Navis Digital Setting Circles Computer & Hi-Res Encoders
-Dual 12V Battery & charger
-Starlight Instruments Feathertouch Focuser

I am the original owner. This is a truly beautiful telescope and it is easy to use. Anyone familiar with a typical dobsonian reflector will be right at home, and collimating is a breeze. The Goto functionality works perfectly after aligning with two stars or objects, or you can manually push the scope to the object you want to view. After centering the object, the GoTo can be engaged and the scope will keep the object in the center of the eyepiece so you don't need to keep adjusting the scope as the object changes position (or more accurately Earth changes position...). This feature is incredibly handy.

This scope delivers spectacular views, and is just gorgeous to look at. Willing to part with to a buyer accepting personal delivery by me in the British Columbia or Washington State area. Alternatively buyer could pick up in Victoria, British Columbia.

Also included are two foldable aluminum wheel ramps, handy when loading the scope into the back of an SUV, pickup, etc.

More photos are available for TT145 on The Teeter’s Telescopes “Scope Log”. Please note, no eyepieces are included, and selling price is in USD.