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Posted on: less than 6 months ago
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Zhumell Dobsonian 10" Reflector Telescope with 5 lenses, 2 Barlow's, Telrad View Finder and 6 filters. I have posted links so you can look up details on each piece below. The telescope came with 2 proprietary lenses (2" and 1.25") whose information is found in the link for the telescope instead of being listed below. I am moving onto different hobbies and don't like seeing the telescope going un-used! When positioned fully upright it stands 54" tall with the telescope stands base diameter of 24". This is telescope intended for deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula and Star Clusters. You can get decent planet views with the eyepieces and filters provided, Saturn's rings are visible, bands on Jupiter, fantastic for any Moon viewing.
I am willing to sell the telescope separate from the set of eyepieces. $325 for the scope (2 proprietary lenses included) and $325 for the eyepieces. Everything is in good working order.

Zhumell Z10 Deluxe Dobsonian Reflector Telescope - ZHUE024-1

Explore Scientific 82° (6.7mm) Eyepiece°-6-7mm-Eyepiece/dp/B00HQOUAMG

Explore Scientific 82° (18mm) Eyepiece°-18mm-Eyepiece/dp/B00HQOUADK

Celestron 93317 Omni Series 1.25" (6mm) Eyepiece

Televue 2.5x Powermate 1.25 inch

Celestron Ultima Barlow Lens

Telrad Finder Sight

Meade 3200 Lunar & Planetary Color Filter Set (1.25")

Zhumell 1.25 inch High Performance Ultra High Contrast UHC Telescope Filter