Promotion options

Promoting your ads
If you’d like to potentially sell your items more quickly, an extended duration ad or featured ad may be good option for you.

Duration options
When posting a new listing, you can choose a standard listing duration of 15-days, or an extended listing duration of 90-days. The free listing duration is 30-days, but if you’d like to keep your ad active for longer period, please select a longer listing duration at checkout.

Feature ads
Featured ads are a good option to make your ad listing stand out from free ads. Feature ads are promoted for up to 30-days on, in our email newsletter, and shared on our social media channels like Facebook. Ads can be featured by selecting the “Featured” option during checkout upon creating a new ad.

Feature ad guidelines
Your ad should only contain a single item (note: accessories related to the item you’re selling are okay to include in that same ad). There are NO refunds after payment is received. Once your item is sold or the paid period has expired, your ad will be un-featured. Substituting the item you’re selling in the featured ad is not allowed and may result in your account being deleted. Payment applies to a single (1) ad only and is non-transferable to other ads. Your ad will continue to appear in the regular listing as usual during and after the paid period.